Tips & advice on how Esther Andersen became top voted model & finalist of the Fresh Faces Curvy Edition!

by has been very busy interviewing all the top voted Fresh Faces models from around the globe. The top voted female model in the Curvy Edition was our gorgeous Fresh Faces World Finalist, Esther Andersen! The team met Esther in Barcelona during the crazy week of the Fresh Faces Final. However, we also interviewed Esther to hear more about her exciting modeling career and to share some of her personal tips and advice! Esther is a curvy model who aims to highlight the importance of self acceptance and portray beauty which can be found in all shapes and sizes… power to plus size!

ModelManagement12145FreshFaces by Nacho Martinez PhotoArt - Fashion Photographer - Barcelonafeb 03 20166327

Photographer: Nacho Martinez, Make-up artist: Nikoleta Bartkute, Stylist: Ainhoa Gormaz

Model Management: Congratulations on being the top voted model in the Curvy Edition! How have you managed to get so many votes? Any cool strategy?
Esther Andersen: Hi, firstly I’m so happy to have participated in the Fresh Faces Final! I asked my family, friends and fans on my page (11K Fans on my Facebook page) to vote for me. Everyday I sent messages to each person to vote for me on my social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.). I felt both stressed and excited to be in the Top Voted Curvy Contest! I don’t really think we need a strategy except our determination to always live our dream.

Esther Andersen_2


MM: How long have you aspired to become a model and when did you decide to focus on making it a career?
EA: Before I wasn’t confident with a lot of things, but 3 years ago, I started my career as a plus size model. At this moment I decided to accept myself and show everyone that being plus size doesn’t mean being ashamed of your body. I received numerous messages from men and women who were not confident with their body appearances. However, they began to feel more positive when they saw curvy models like me working within the industry, because it was as if I was representing them. It makes me feel good boosting self-confidence and courage to others around me.

Esther Andersen_4

MM:What do you believe is the key success to becoming a model?
EA: I know it can sound funny, but I think it is very important to take care of your body, take care of your skin, hair, to practice a sport and always have a good attitude. Models project an image and also a personality so it’s important to really love what we do. Karl Largerfeld said “Fashion industry is cruel and unfair with models, it’s just like that, it’s a reality“. We already know this but I hope every body-type will be accepted and be apart of the industry in the future.

ModelManagement11479FreshFaces by Nacho Martinez PhotoArt - Fashion Photographer - Barcelonafeb 03 20166264

Photographer: Nacho Martinez, Make-up artist: Nikoleta Bartkute, Stylist: Ainhoa Gormaz

MM: Do you have any plans for your future career as a model?
EA: Yes, I have. I plan to travel in Europe and the USA to work as a plus size model.

Esther Andersen_7

MM: How long have you been a member on and what brought you to our modeling community?
EA: I have been a member for one year. A friend told me about, so I checked out the website and then decided to subscribe.

Esther Andersen

MM: What has been your greatest or most memorable modeling achievement?
EA: My career really started when I worked for RNG magazine and when I met Velvet D’amour (the first plus size model who worked for Jean Paul Gauthier, Galiano,etc…). I worked with her for VOLUP2 magazine and it was an unforgettable and amazing experience.

Esther Andersen_9

MM: Do you have any advice to share with other aspiring models on our platform who may want to pursue a ‘top voted’ model title?
EA: I truly think we need to be strong, determined and patient in reaching our goals. I believe that if I’m still successfully working as a model now it’s because clients and people like my work (I hope lol). I’m talking about my own experience here because I feel the plus size industry is more difficult than the slim model industry. Honestly, if we truly want something we must work hard because there are rewards for perseverance!


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