Top 9 male influencers from ModelManagement


Almost 300k models from all over the world can be found in our modeling community.
Here are 9 of our coolest Instagrammers male models from this month you should definitely follow. These influencers are part of the “new modeling era” supporting our community by sharing our latest “I’m a model too” video to increase awareness in the industry!

Genny V. Bilibashi


Genny Bilibashi is a full-time international model discovered by Bindi Model Management.
He’s very popular on Instagram but mostly on Musically where he got 445K followers.
He graduated from Ged Fashion Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in fashion/apparel design.


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Kevin S


Kevin is a model from Belgium.
He already did a lot of campaigns all around the world: Spykar in India, Grey Hours in Thailand, La Boutique Officielle in Paris, Wallapop in Spain and much more…
He’s also a designer, a food lover, sport addict and a traveler, which is one of his favorite part of modeling.

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Andrei Orbu


Andrei is a 19 year-old model from Modova currently based in Milan. He also lived in Paris for 3 years.
He’s tall and slim and despite his dark hair and blue eyes Andrei is really nice and sociable but can be shy sometime.
His hobby is football.

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Serj Voron


Serj started modeling six years ago. He used to be in the plus size category and had dreadlocks. He became very thin in order to win business model.
He loves coffee and cigarettes and his cat. He likes to travel and visit new places.
Serj also likes to meet new photographers who have their own style.


Luca Pantini


Luca has been modeling for the last 15 years, he even spend a few years at Elite Model Management in Hong Kong with household names like Armani, Cavalli, and Dolce & Gabbana.
Luca’s primary interests are fitness and health. Therefore, as a certified personal trainer, he emphasizes a total lifestyle philosophy of fitness and nutrition.
He has traveled to remote parts of Thailand just to study and train in the art of Muay Thai from some of the best instructors in the world.
This strong Roman man, while very rooted in his home country, is consistently growing globally and working to make his mark in this world.

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Joan Pau Nacher


Joan Pau Nacher is a 19 year old actor and model from Valencia.
He started his career in theatrical arts five years ago, acting in well-known theaters such as the Thalía. Currently, he is more centered in the exciting world of fashion.
He is an influential Instagrammer and is excited to take on new work as a model to grow his modeling career.

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Luca Feriol


Luca was born in Argentina in an Italian family. He started working as a child in one of the most famous TV show in Latin America.
And while studying, he started in the fashion industry. His first experience was for a Brazilian photographer at age 17.


Quirro Green


Quirro is a truly hardworking. He dedicated himself to work on his craft and bettering himself as much as possible.
He’s not signed in any agencies and he’s working on moving to bigger platforms in either LA or NY soon.

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Jonathan Ursicelli


Jonathan is studying in a french business school since he has a passion for management and digital.
He is also a young model, very interested in art in general, including photography. He started more than a year ago with the advice of some friends and now he enjoys it a lot.

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