Top Bloggers of the Month: France Edition


Lire en Français

You discovered 3 awesome fashionista blogs from the USA a few weeks ago and now it’s time to focus on the French edition! This week in Top Bloggers of the Month meet Cécile, Elodie and Céline – the content they create and share is great!


by Cécile J.


Cécile J.

Cécile is a 23 year-old blogger with a clear dream… becoming a school teacher! Apparently nothing to do with fashion but don’t be so sure!
This student created her blog Maxce on November 2012 to escape from her intellectual family and accept her femininity! Cecile realized that she loved dress with her own style and shared her ideas, forgetting her timidity and becoming self-confident. Maxime, her boyfriend-aspiring photographer, also helped her to develop her love for beauty. Maxce was like a therapy for this pretty young woman!



Maxce is defined by Cécile through her favorite sentence : “Elegance is not money“. She enjoys wearing prints, embroideries, leather and all existing textures! Her fashion style is defined by herself as bohemian and by other bloggers as “modern Marie-Antoinette”. Anyways, she has her own style and we love that!

Maxce wrote an article about Fresh Faces 2014 France a few weeks ago while she was starting her modeling career. What a coincidence!

Line - blog

Elodie in Paris

by Elodie



Everything is in the blog’s name! Elodie lives in Paris.
This young woman began Elodie in Paris in 2011 to share her personal favorites, her fashion creations and her daily life. Attracted by fashion style since her childhood, fashion is a part of her lifestyle (even her job – fashion designer)! For this Parisian girl, you always have to analyze the trends, anticipate and pay attention to the detail even if fashion is an eternal beginning again. We love this!

Sin título

Elodie in Paris

Elodie in Paris changed a lot since its creation. If 3 years ago it was only about fashion, now Elodie also writes about beauty and art. She is inspired by Paris, Indian/Navajo culture and cinema. She has a chic and casual look with a bohemian touch! We are totally fans of her tutu associated with a basketball jersey and black sandals (see here)!

Fresh Faces Banner

Line - blog

Bons Baisers d’Ailleurs

by Céline



Céline is a “phobic of visible bra” and transports her readers by revealing her looks from Lyon, Marseille or London.
After business’ studies, she decided to move to London for six months and begin Bons Baisers d’Ailleurs. It was the perfect city to develop a fashion blog! Today, almost 30.000 people follow her adventures and fashion ideas on social media. I hope you are one of them!


Bons baisers d’ailleurs

Bohamian, glitter or simple with a denim short, all looks fit Céline! (ok I’m a little bit jealous…). The most important for her is to wear clothes in which you feel good; to be stylish it’s not wearing the new jumpsuit because it’s on the it-list of all the magazines!
She is totally fan of her Miu Miu bag, blazers, black ballet pump and denim shorts. Céline is a simple blogger who looks like us!

The little thing we love about her: she sells her clothes on Bons Baisers d’Ailleurs!

Line - blog

If you want to have the chance to begin a modeling career, as our 3 fabulous French bloggers, be sure to apply to Fresh Faces 2014! We’ve got over 30 contests in more than 30 countries and the applicants are getting better each the day!


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