Top Bloggers of the Month: USA Edition


In today’s look at Top Bloggers of the Month, the  USA edition, has 3 awesome fashionista blogs for you to discover! The three ladies who you’re about to meet put a lot of time and effort into giving their readers some of the best fashion advice; whether it’s what to wear to prom, to the park or just hanging out with friends – the content they create and share is great!

Fem Direction

Author Melissa DeOliveria

Melissa of Fem Direction

Melissa DeOliveria

Melissa is a 17 year-old soon to be Fashion Institute of Technology student with a love of all things fashionable, affordable and creative.

She was introduced to the blogging world through YouTube beauty gurus and started reading some of their blogs. Melissa realized that her own blog would embody everything creative that she loves; fashion, photography, website layout, and journalism; a blog would be the perfect way to be a voice for functional and affordable fashion! One day sooner after, Melissa sat down and messed around on until FemDirection was born!


Fem Direction

Melissa enjoys expressing her talent through blogging, drawing and photography in her free time. The main goal of FemDirection is to help the everyday girl with all things fashion and beauty. She insists to include price and affordability in posts because it’s something extremely important that is often ignored. Melissa also writes and styles for functionality and comfort, which are major parts of her style.

FemDirection recently did a post on Fresh Faces 2014 USA, you can check out her take on the world’s most exciting modeling contest here: FemDirection does Fresh Faces

Line - blog


Author Anaïs Alexandre


Anaïs Alexandre

Anaïs is a veteran blogger! She transitioned into fashion blogging a few years ago through her other blog, The Jam Garden, which focused more on interviewing local creatives in the art and music scene in South Florida. She embraces the idea of experimenting with style and used her newly found photography skills to create DownToStars. You can find her at local venues hanging with bands, at coffee shops hidden behind a book or laptop, or just out taking pictures and adventuring in nature.




If you’re wondering about the title of Anaïs ‘ blog, you’ve got to hear it from her first:

”My blog is called Down to Stars. I always explain to people, because I’m always asked, that I named it that because I’m beyond down to earth, approachable and friendly that I’ve got this universal love thing going on; so instead of just being down to earth, I’m down to stars. I’m also pretty spacey and day dream a lot, so that factors in too, ha ha.”

She describes her style as cool, adventurous, tomboy with an eclectic edge; which shines brightly in her fashion editorials. She further explains that many fashion bloggers have the same dimensions and figures as models, which makes it easy to be styled by different brands. Being unique and having a distinct personality also helps differentiate you from the pack, just like a model would want to have a signature look or style about them. Which is a big part of DownToStars, learning to own your indivuality and express it freely!

DownToStars recently did a post on Fresh Faces 2014 USA, you can check out her take on the world’s most exciting modeling contest here: DownToStars does Fresh Faces

Line - blog

The Lovely Look

Author Karina Casillas


Karina Casillas

Karina is a 23 year-old blogger that started her fashion journey on Instagram when she began posting her “outfit of the day” #ootd. She discovered her passion for fashion and just couldn’t get enough of it! Shortly after, she invested in her first DSLR camera and took the plunge to make a blog account, The Lovely Look! Thus far, her blogging journey has given her lots of collaboration opportunities and the ability to express her love for fashion in a manner that she can share with the world. During Karina’s free time, she enjoys shopping, shopping and more shopping! 😀

The Lovely Look

The Lovely Look

Karina is hoping to ultimately find a career in fashion but she also plans on pursuing a career in nursing. Measuring in at a mere 4’11”, Karina still delivers a BIG dose of fashion! She’s a resident of California, one the major meccas for fashion and modeling, which gives her a lot of creativity outlets to better her blog and fashion advice! Karina said to us,

”I am definitely a believer and dreamer. I believe that anything is possible with undying faith and gratitude! I am a firm believer in positive thinking and think that anything is possible for those who believe!” She’s hopeful this message is conveyed through her fashion blogging and encourages readers to be inspired by what inspires her.

The Lovely Look recently did a post on Fresh Faces 2014 USA, you can check out her take on the world’s most exciting modeling contest here: The Lovely Look does Fresh Faces

Line - blog

Be sure to show all three of our fabulous ladies, Melissa, Anaïs and Karina some internet love! Below are links to each of the blogs, our favorite blogs, introduced to you for the month of July!

Also, don’t forget to apply to Fresh Faces 2014! We’ve got over 30 contests in more than 30 countries and the applicants are getting better by the day!

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