Turn a style into a work of Art – Buenos Aires Fashion Week / August 20th, 21st, 22nd y 23rd



Models transform according to the collection requirements: Romantic, serious, femme fatale, funny or teen. If you pay attention, the haute couture catwalks predominate a trend towards the high and stylized models; although if we speak about Pret-à-Porte models they are more urban and chance.

It’s very important for new models to learn to adapt to each designer’s requirements and to generate in their books as many styles as possible…


Juana de Arco / BAFW '07

The Styles and variant aesthetic that the fashion designers needs are infinite!


Cook / BAFW' 09 Spring-Summer Collection, www.cook2009.com.ar

And this is precisely what will happen on August 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd in Argentina, when the most important meeting of the mode is carried out: Buenos Aires Fashion Week!

A parade where the challenge is to turn a style into a work of art!


History tells us that in crisis times, the creativity flows more than ever and gets hold of the artist’s minds and grants them more imagination…


BAFWeek '08

The Buenos Aires Fashion Week is a key parade for the industry of apparel and accessories in Argentina. This is where the expectation starts in order to estimate the collections, which this year will try to highlight a balanced mix of options and a range of styles that coexist inside the Argentine mode.


Paseo Alcorta. Buenos Aires Fashion Week Main Sponsor, www.bafweek.com

The BAFW started 10 years ago. The main sponsor is Paseo Alcorta Shopping Mall and the place the “Pabellón Azul de La Rural”, the biggest Fairground Land of Buenos Aires: A multi-space that will shelter 3 catwalks – 24 parades – and a showrooms area that will assemble 35 brands collections.



Versatile or with a defined look, the selected models will have to adapt and parade before the demanding gaze of the public. A lot of examples demonstrate the mix of styles and Buenos Aires Fashion Week lives year after year!


Design and style in the BAFW '09

The brand “Cómo quieres que te quiera”, who designs clothes for 12 to 16 years old, will be working at the BAFW with a playful aesthetic of magic and fantasy fairy-tales, recreated in a natural environment in search of a spontaneous and flexible look.

Cómo quieres que te quiera” creative designers gave us their opinion about this parade: “The participation in the BAFWEEK performs great importance due to the approximation to a different and knowledgeable public, as well as also inserting the young women into the fashion”


Jazmín Chebar. An important brand in the BAFW www.jazminchebar.com.ar

Laurencio Adot, a very important haute couture designer, will present cocktail clothes with different volumes and proportions inspired by the Japanese drawings “Transformers” and the movement ART DECO of the 30s.


Laurencio Adot / Spring-Summer '09 www.laurencioadot.com

Rapsodia has also chosen the BAFWEEK to present a new collection orientated to a bohemian, romantic, rock&roller, feminine and with a strong vanguard’s attitude woman.


Sol Acuña. Rapsodia's owner, a brand with branchs in Argentina, Chile, México and España www.rapsodia.com.ar

Lacoste will go out with a Sport chic style and Puma with the premise “urban vanguard apparel inspired by sports”



Other present brands are: Prune, Cora Groppo, Paula Cahen D’Anvers, Grupo 134, Wanama, Mariana Dappiano y Vicki Otero amongst others.


Ricky Sarkany, www.rickysarkany.com

At the end of the parade, L’OREAL París (the makeup sponsor) will give a prize to the designer who better reflects an integral interpretation of his collection: apparel, makeup, hairdo and production. The objective of this prize is to recognize the balance between the essential fashion elements that shape the total aesthetic, in order to turn a look into a work of art.


BackstageBAFW '08

Inside the BAFWeek world you can expect more than just a catwalk full of models; the event also has seminars, chats and contests: An example of this is the “Semillero UBA – BAFWeek”, that gives students of Apparel and Textile Design Career of the University of Buenos Aires the opportunity to compete for the presentation of their own designs.


Semillero UBA-BAFW: The winners are Tamara Gómez y Mariana Buonarcorso, who will show their own designs during the fashion week.

This is the panoramic format for the next Buenos Aires Fashion Week…

Now you know it! During August you will be able to take the eclectic and multi-skilled Argentine designers by the hands, to see how each model shows their collection and builds characters that will let them play with different styles.


Definitively, this is fashion: To set out a construction of schizophrenic identities and give the people the freedom to be inspired and open their minds to a wardrobe of personal style, unique and without any restrictions.

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