Vince Martinelli: black & white art photography!


Vince Martinelli is a Luxembourg based professional photographer specialized in people, events and black & white art photography. Thanks to his extraordinary skills, Vince’s work has its own and distinctive print. He has his own website to exhibit his recent and previous photography work in different styles. Those ladies in Black&White demonstrate Vince’s talent on showing the female beauty, and they are Vince’s favorites! Read on and discover why!


Vince Martinell: Ladies in B&W

ModelManagement : How did you find out your talent and decided to become a photographer?
Vince Martinelli: Being a pretty humble person I would not talk about talent, I would say that I was always intrigued by photography, to capture a moment and expression an ambiance and I’d say that I’m simply extremely passionate about photography.


Vince Martinell: Various

MM: Where do you usually get your inspiration from?
VM: I do not have many books about photography and I normally never take any inspiration from other photographers or try to “copy” ! I take my inspiration from people and my personal life experience.
Each person has its own and unique personality and when you do portrait and people photography that is pretty much challenging, interesting and enriching.


Vince Martinelli: Bondoir


MM: Why do you have special interest in black & white art photography?
VM: I prefer black & white photography because I think that color distracts the viewer from the emotion of the photo. B&W gives a less realistic feel to the picture and I really like to play with that in postproduction !


Vince Martinelli: Bondoir

MM: A photo shoot that has made deep impression on you?
VM: Every shooting is a new challenge and a new experience. As already stated, each person has its unique personality, which makes people photography so fascinating.


Vince Martinelli: Various

MM: How do you scout models for your shoots?
VM: Now that I’m on ModelManagement, I will probably scout through this unique site but I’ve been scouting a lot via social media.


Vince Martinelli: Editorial

MM: How does social media influence in your work? Do you use social media to get contacts?
VM: I’ve been published 4 times in the USA through social media contact and I do use social media to get contacts indeed !


Vince Martinelli

MM: What advantages do you find on having a Premium Pro profile on
VM: ModelManagement is a huge and very professional organization that puts the right people together. It’s easy to get in touch with very specific people that someone is looking for via ModelManagement.

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