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World Talents Models is a Barcelona based modeling agency for male, female and kids models & actors. WTM takes care of every single talent they represent, providing them support, payments in record time and the chance to share their ideas and put them in use. Furthermore, they also have the BCN Fashion Meeting Points, where they promote networking for professionals in the fashion, advertising and film sectors.
Right now WTM is scouting for new talents – keep on reading and find out how you can be part of this agency!

Model Management: When and how was World Talents Models founded?
World Talent Models: 
The agency was born in Barcelona in early 2016 and it was an initiative of Roque Navarro to provide models and actors better guarantees and job stability in the sector. He wanted to create a company that was into the ways of promotion, networking between professionals and developing successful careers at national and international level. For that reason we started to recruit talent and thanks to several partners who supported the project it has been easier to enter the market.



MM: World Talents Models is not just an agency, you also organize events for professionals in the fashion and advertising sector. How does this work? How do models benefit from these initiatives?
WTM: Outside the agency we have a space called BCN Fashion Meeting Point, which wants to promote networking by organizing events for professionals in the fashion, adverting and film sectors. Thanks to the different dynamics and activities we encourage the interaction between guests; we look at their work and present it to a curious community who wants to stay informed.
The “Face to Face” allows our models to strengthen their public relations, learn from other models and become known.


MM: What if someone is interested on renting this space, is that possible?
WTM: Of course. We want this space to be a point of reference made by and for professionals in the fashion, film and advertising fields. The industry needs to come together and we are willing to make all our tools available.


MM: What are the requirements a model must have to be represented by World Talents Models?
WTM: Aptitude, attitude and discipline. We look for comprehensive and versatile models. Aptitude is needed because the market requires certain physical characteristics that are relevant; on the other hand it’s essential to have a good attitude to go to castings, interact with professionals from other areas and the successful completion of a job. It’s important to understand that modeling is a career and not just a hobby, in order to succeed you need perseverance and be authentic.

Carla from WTM

MM: One of the best success stories of WTM?
WTM: Recently we sent one of our models to Milan to be three months on stay. She was booked by one of the most prestigious agencies in the sector with customers as Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander Mc Queen and Prada. At first it was difficult because she got no jobs in Spain, as her beauty is quite editorial, however, after several months of persistence we could get this opportunity.


MM: How can WTM benefit from a Modeling Community as What advantages did you find?
WTM: We love, not only because we can have direct contact with industry professionals, but also because it has been a good platform to find new talent.STEFAN TOMAS (1)

MM: What can models expect from World Talents Models?
WTM: Continuous monitoring, transparency and human quality. For us, the talents we represent are more than numbers. We know them and have continuous contact and offer them total support. After making great economic efforts, we pay all our represented talent within a maximum of one month and a half after the job. The reason why? Because we want to offer them stability, comfort and motivation.


MM: How is World Talents Models different from other modeling agencies?
WTM: What makes us different from other agencies, it’s not only the type of support we provide, payments in record time, but also the organization of different activities that can form and integrate the model in the industry. We want to take care of our models and for that reason, if they have an initiative we listen to it and decide together if it can be done. Nowadays, just a few agencies take the time and work to meet their talents, we do, and that’s what makes us different. WTM does not treat its models passively. We believe in their abilities and we like them to feel the agency is their own, if they have ideas to improve it they can tell us, if they want to organize an initiative in BCN Fashion meeting Point they can and have our support, and if they don’t agree with something they can tell us openly.


MM: How can a model know if he or she has the necessary skills to work professionally in the world of fashion & advertising?
WTM: It’s important to understand that fashion models are different from advertising models and thus to know whether or not they can have a successful career, they should be evaluated differently.
Regarding fashion, although the spectrum has expanded, there are still certain standards on the height and having a bundle body. The special and different features call the attention of big fashion brands, however beyond the physical characteristics it’s important to have the ability to connect with emotions and be capable of transmitting these emotions. I think that’s one of the key skills to succeed. I think that if it a model has that ability, the rest can be learned along the way.
In advertising having a certain height or a bundle body can give you extra points, but most important is to have a good smile and personality. Nowadays, in advertising they are looking for different profiles that can give life to characters that your audience can identify with and not only aspire to be. It’s important that they understand what a customer wants, have some acting skills and the ability to get into a situation fully.
Both have to be flexible and attend casting calls and have the strength to continue when they hear a “no”.
For the model to know if he has the necessary skills to work either in fashion or advertising, he must evaluate himself in a sincere way, knowing his strengths and weaknesses and work them.OLGA BAJA (7)

MM: Any advice you can give to aspiring models?
WTM: Trust your abilities and know yourself. Look for your strong points and make them more powerful, pursue your dreams but with the feet on the ground. Look for serious and honest professionals who can guide you.

Thank you World Talents Models, it’s been a pleasure! Visit their website and profile and find some more incredible things about this agency!

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