Week 5 of the Fashion Photography Contest: The boys still rule!


Week 5 of the Fashion Photographer of the Year 2012 contest by Vimity.com and Notjustfashion.com has come to an end, and the boys are still ruling the scene!

This week’s winner is Daniel Holfeld from Dublin!

Daniel is yet another well-trained talent with a BA Hons in Photography and lots of creativity. He started his career with Fine Art photography, and showcased his works in the Fashion Capitals of the world: Paris, London and New York.

Maybe it was the atmosphere or just the fashion vibe he lived and breathed in those cities that he decided to move his focus from Fine Art to Fashion Photography. And we’re glad he did because when he turns his lens on models, he creates pure magic!

The combination of Fashion and Holfeld’s knowledge in Art, help create uniquely sensual yet classical photos showing off a very unique style. A style that is recognizable, memorable. So memorable that Daniel’s works have already been published in top magazine covers and editorials such as GQ, Style Magazine, Tatler and The Sunday Times.

Daniel’s photographic styles change throughout his portfolio. Apart from his gorgeous shots of beautiful female models, Daniel also does an equally great job in shooting sharply dressed male models in nice locations. Everything works in those shots! from styling, to location, to saturation and composition!

By experimenting different styles, Daniel Holfeld proves us that versatility and creativity are certainly his strengths. Will he be strong enough to battle off the other winners and finally win the competition? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Do you have a favorite photographer you would like to see in the final? then give it a go and vote for him/her here!