We’ve got the proof: Models who don’t meet the industry standard measurements CAN BE successful!


A few weeks ago we shared with you some behind the scenes shoots taken by top Spanish fashion photographer Alex Saint in the incredible Spot Lightservice studio. What we wanted to prove is that even if a model doesn’t meet the industry standards he or she can still be successful in the model industry.

We finally have the final result, and it looks FANTASTIC! Congrats to the aspiring model Alba who did an incredible job – we think she will become a successful model!

So lets quit chatting… we know you want to see the final result!

Photographer:  Alex Saint

Stylist: Ainhoa Gormaz

Make Up: Raffaele Romagnoli

Model: Alba Vegas

Location:  Spot Lightservice


Alba Vegas by Alex Saint at Spot lightservice


Model AlbaVegas at Spot lightservice


Styling by Ainhoa Gormaz at Spot lightservice


Make-up ny Raffaele Romagnoli at Spot lightservice


Model Alba Vegas at Spot lightservice

“The idea of ​​taking pictures of a female model who doesn’t meet the required model “canon” was something that I just loved! The general public thinks that the female models we see on TV or magazines are really spectacular, and the truth is that they are certainly interesting, but you must keep in mind that all these photos are part of a really important production. A lot of people do not even imagine themselves with makeup, styling and lighting – they could look incredible as any other model or actress you see in magazines! And of course, you don’t have to be 1.80cm to have a successful modeling career in photography. I just hope we can break this barrier and many others in the runway shows in a near future.” Photographer: Alex Saint

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