When a young talent gets booked by a professional photographer


There it goes again: another success booking on ModelManagement.com. As a model, you can be selected for an upcoming project through a friend, social media, modeling sites… what you might not know is that the only booking service that can guarantee that the money gets to you immediately after the shoot and the only one that charges the model 0% commission from the final payment is our BOOKING SERVICE!

Now that you know this, we want to share with you one of these success stories where photographer Neil Ross booked Mia Katicin through our booking service. See the final result and read the story below!

Model Management: What can a model get from this Modeling Community?

Mia Katicin: If you desire to be seen by professionals in the modeling industry or want to work as a model, then Modelmanagement.com is the right site to be a member of. I am grateful to be part of this modeling community because it gives me a chance to be recognized by professionals, but mostly because it gives me the opportunity to work on my creative side with the photographers that have the same objectives as me, to make a great project.Thank you ModelManagement.com!

Mia Katicin by Neil Ross

Mia Katicin by Neil Ross

Model Management: you got booked by a photographer on ModelManagement.com just a month after creating your model profile!

Mia Katicin: I created my account in ModelManagement.com two months ago. I decided to upload some of images as I wanted to present myself to other professionals in the industry. A month later I was booked by the photographer Neil Ross! When I got to the location everything went smoothly, the shooting was fun and quirky but also very professional. I was paid on time and I’m very happy with the final result.


Mia Katicin by Neil Ross


Model Management: How important is it for a model to receive a good review from the photographer after the photo shoot has taken place? 

Mia Katicin: Reviewing models and photographers is firstly a good way to choose the right ones to work with. Once the shoot takes places it’s a great idea to leave a comment on the profile of the professional you worked with, the more reviews the better! As it gives other models/ photographers an idea of the professionalism of that person and helps them decide if they want to work with him/her or not. It gives the idea of the qualities/shortcomings of industry professionals before meeting them (if the information is approximately correct). Besides that the profile should be as complete as it could be with concrete information (height, weight, residence etc.), reviewing models and other professionals definitely helps! Being evaluated especially helps the model/photographer in their future projects.

Mia Katicin by Neil Ross


“I am grateful to Neil for booking me. Working with him gave me some more experience about modeling and everything went great.I felt at ease while posing and he took great photos of me. He is reliable and easy-going to work with.Thank you Neil.” Model: Mia Katicin


“Great model with real presence and personality. Superb self awareness and creation of shape/form for the camera. Wide variety of facial expression. Highly spontaneous. Very effective model for clothing, fashion, editorial. She has a professional attitude and is very reliable.” Photographer: Neil Ross





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