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Why Different is the New Beautiful

It’s no secret that millennials are ruling the online world and shaping its trends, be it fashion, modeling or beauty. They’re pushing these industries from a “Hollywood starlets only” dogma to a more inclusive one, granting everyone the opportunity to find their representation. That’s definitely one thing we here at modeling community push for!

If you ever felt you couldn’t fit in because of any physical feature that makes you stand out, now this same feature might just be your ticket to success in the modeling industry!

Here are some models that used what might’ve been an insecurity and made it the reason they’re special, one of a kind even!

Model Ralph Souffrant

Ralph Souffrant admitted to hating his freckles in the past, as they were the reason for constant stares and bullying. Now, he credits his freckles for his success, having modeled for brands like Yeezy, Diesel, Addidas and Calvin Klein. His embracing of his skin condition helped him get his family out of poverty.

If that’s not the happiest ending, what is?


Model Lilianna Ruger

Lilianna Ruger is an American model based in New York. The stunning Ruger has been a part of the community for just a few months, but is already one of our favorites!

Model Serj Voron

Serj Voron is a Russian model based in Saint Petersburg. Voron is one of our most popular tattooed models! Anyone else see the Johnny Depp resemblance?

Model Nikita Wolfe

Nikita Wolfe is a Spanish model based in Barcelona. Wolfe´s androgynous look makes her a photographer favorite!

Model Diandra Forrest

Diandra Forrest had always dreamt of being a model, and went on to become the first albino African-American to get signed by a major agency. She has appeared in numerous editorials and runways, and featured in music videos alongside Beyoncé and Kanye West.


Model Nicolas Gaviria

Nicolas Gaviria is a Colombian model based in Bogota. Gaviria´s modeling is non-conforming, consistently sticking it to the status quo!

Model Paula Moraes

Paula Moraes is a Brazilian model  based in San Lorenzo de El Escorial near Madrid. Isn´t she a beaut?!

Model Sara Guerts

Sara Guerts is another exceptional, American model with a rare skin condition that wrinkled her entire body at a young age. Guerts is now a full-time, well-recognized model with a feature in Volition Magazine’s 2017 issue on body-positivity.

Model Manuel Andersson

Manuel Andersson is a Swedish model based in Umea. Andersson is another one of our favorite androgynous models!

This is just a short list of some of our favorite success stories, which challenge the traditional definition of modeling in today’s fashion and beauty industry. You can find many just like these extraordinary models, or you can become one of them on our website today!



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