Working with Models: Things You Always Wanted to Know


The role of a photographer is undoubtedly challenging: being responsible for the shoot, adjusting your settings, working with creative staff. Most importantly, making sure that the time and work you are putting into the project also pays off in the form of amazingly looking photos. To ensure this, it is from utmost importance that everyone on set is happy and satisfied. This also counts for the model you are working with.

The following tips cover everything you need to know about being a professional photographer. And how to make the best name possible for yourself.

How do I Find a Model?

Before you can get started with your exciting project, you need to find yourself a model. is the perfect platform since it has the biggest selection of models worldwide.

Some of the advantages are:

– It is easily accessible and time-saving
– You can cast the specific type of model while taking a sneak peek at their modelling skills by looking at their online profile
– It is the safest and quickest way of finding the right model

How to Arrange the Shoot?

A good habit is to arrange details before the shoot. Here are a few points you will want to discuss:
– Date and time
– Location
– Duration of the shoot
– Payment and travel expenses

Not to forget, explain the model your vision and what kind of shoot are you picturing. It will make them feel comfortable and less stressed about what to expect.

Extra tip: Avoid stress, and book the model either for a full or half-day rather than for one hour if you are not sure how long the shoot might take.

What about Payment and Image Rights?

Models always have the right to guaranteed payment. Nonetheless, if you and the model prefer using TFP (Time For Prints), make sure that all the necessary points are covered too:

– What type of pictures will the model receive: Digital? Edited?
– Are they allowed to share them with the public?
– Do you wish them to mention your name if they do so?

Image rights can be a confusing and challenging terrain due to the many laws and regulations.

Extra tip: Don’t write a model contract from scratch if you are unsure about the way to do it. You are bound to feel lost since modeling contracts aren’t one-size-fits-all. Get help from to be on the safe side!

Location, Location, Location!

Nothing can ruin a photoshoot more than pouring rain or extreme heat. So, it is always a good idea to make sure that the weather is in favour of your project.

– Check the forecast and communicate it to your model, so they know what to expect.
– Be a caring person and either take a fan or radiator with you if the weather is too hot or too cold – it can only benefit your photos 🙂

What Do I Need to Arrange?

To tell a fascinating story with your pictures, make sure to get necessary outfits, prompts, or other accessories. Nothing relaxes a model more than having some object in her hand to play with. Some things famous photographers include:

– Fruits
– Glass objects
– Flowers

If you are using garments of any kind, make sure they are washed and clean.

The same care is also required if the model needs to change on the set. Create a space where they feel comfortable and respect their privacy. Nothing is more awkward than being starred at while putting one’s makeup on or getting ready. Give them space and time.

Do I Need to Expect Guests?

What is better than an extra helping pair of hands? Sometimes models wish to bring along their boyfriend, family member or friend. be understanding and welcoming of the idea. The worst that can happen is that the model feels safe and comfortable and you get an extra pair of helping hands for moving furniture around. Win-win!

During the Shoot

It all starts with Aretha Franklin’s famous word: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Understanding that the model you work with has needs, feelings, and thoughts – just like you – is the first step for creating an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. Put the model first and respect her: it will pay off greatly – not to mention that your reputation also depends on this. Some things to keep in mind:

– Turn your phone off
– Don’t be too familiar or even worse, make inappropriate jokes
– Avoid any distractions (such as the old friend who you expecting for a beer to come around)

Extra tip: Be relaxed, genuine, and professional, the model will be too.

Am I Allowed To Touch Them?

Touching another person without their consent is never a good idea either and should be taken seriously. If; however, a hair strand needs to be moved out from the face, always ask beforehand and do not assume it is okay just to touch someone.

How to Take Care of Basic Needs?

No one likes to be hungry: We get grumpy and fail to focus on the task at hand. Things you can do to avoid this and keep both of your energy levels up:

– Offer breaks
– Prepare snacks such as fruit and nuts
– Have plenty of water available (And, keep the alcohol in the cupboard!)

Extra tip: If the shoot ran smoothly, why not order a pizza together!? But be aware, some people have difficulties to say no because they want to be polite. Read between the lines and get the hint of the model is tired and just wants to go home.

Bottom line

Have fun! Nothing puts a model more at ease than working with a photographer who knows what they are doing, shows professionalism and top people skills combined with humour, sincerity, and patience. And enjoy the moment when you look on the screen of your camera when the photo pops up, and you’re thinking to yourself “Yesss, this is THE shot!”