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Casting ends December 8, 2021
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My work focuses on lyrical/narrative projects and the capture of images is done remotely. All my projects, this one included, begin with the capture of single images which I will subsequently sequence to form the final body of work. I am interested layered works that attempt to navigate more so in the direction of depth rather than cover long distances. Through persistence in a specific subject matter and similarities in certain aspects (such as environment/interior space treatment) I attempt to navigate complexities, ambiguity and perceptive subtlety. Models considering this casting call should feel comfortable with nudity, as this project requires most often partial, suggestive, or full nudity in portions of the sessions. All who apply and are interested in participating will be asked prior to a session to join in a video call where further relevant information is communicated. This is done so that both the ideas behind this work is completely unpacked for you but also cover terms such as “cinematic”, “vernacular” and others that extend to modeling for this project. There is a fair amount of information I need to communicate to you. I consider those who model for my projects, engaging collaborators. Their presence alters and affects directions to a substantial degree, this is a conscious decision in the making of the project. I fuse the project with ideas but those who participate filter, interpret these ideas their own way and eventually deliver accordingly a modeling form. I remain always curious in what people bring forth, their own psychology, their past and present, besides the obvious physical presence. This is not a beauty project, nor conventional photography and most definitely not intended to create images that have any practical usage other than create a body of work that is both lyrical and presents a narrative arc. My work challenges notions of perfection, instead I invite the unknown/accidental for which I am more curious about as an author than the already known, imperfections become relevant, as for me they reflect a sense of truth and/or a more convincing fiction, that I struggle to recognize on more “picture-perfect” portrayals. I look for images that are intentionally left with a sense of incompletion, that invite the viewer to complete them for themselves, giving them as well an active role upon viewing and engaging with the images. This in return makes the works act more as a question rather than an answer, it is again upon the viewer to make up their own mind. The final body of work is not intended to come pre-packaged offering a finality but instead it aims to remain open-ended. Please consider before applying that your time will allow for both the call and a session within the time frame of mid-November to early December.


21 to 50


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Application for this casting has been closed
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