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This is the final casting call for the project “panopticon” which began 9-10 months and amounted to over 70 remote photography sessions. Before you read further details please note this casting call is only for models who are comfortable modeling nude.
As most of the project in now completed I will look a small number of final sessions to complete the project.

Moving forward entails two parts, one short video call for final details concerning the project and modeling for it and the session itself. If you would like to be considered, please be prepared two complete both these steps within a weeks time at the most.

The project aims to become a contemporary art narrative book. The articulation and progression of the storyline is suggestive and questions as well as contrasts visually, ideas about truth, lies, fact, fiction, privacy, fear, identity and other issues that have always existed but perhaps have become more dominant and relevant today as lines appear increasingly blurred. The narrative for this project relies not only on the particular nature of the single frames but also on their sequencing in order to give direction and arc to the storyline.

The scenery is often Kafkaesque and juxtapositions raw reality and a dream like world. Thus playing with ideas of present and past time as memories are often more blurred and present themselves as brief flashes.

The project is characterized by the “cinematic” where upon photos become suggestive both in content and time and they suggest the before and after as well as something happening outside the frame.

Photos are captured via online video calls and participants are advised on setup for a session given they have access to phone and/or laptop. The sessions besides what is described above are supposed to be an interactive proposition, often providing light moments and humor and are more about observing and being in the moment than staging and "making" images.

Please also refer to my profile page for more relevant material from this project.

Application for this casting has been closed.


TFP Trade for Print is an arrangement where the model gives their time in exchange for a selection of the best photos from the shoot Time for print and experience

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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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