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Experienced English speaking Male Actor for TV commercial

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A European mobile app company requires a male actor with experience to play the lead role in a new TV commercial and content campaign.

The character is a man in his 40's or older, who has grown his own company from a one man band to what is now a substantial success. He expects seriousness from his team and he does not suffer fools. He knows his business inside out, but has been through many ups and also many downs. His face shows this rollrrcoaster. It's not been an easy road.

The actor must fit the following requirements:
- Proven track record of acting
- Able to to improvise
- Able to play a serious role and also dry comedy
- Native or very high level of English

Shooting during first week of October.

Bewerbungen für dieses Casting sind nicht mehr möglich.


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Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2020

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