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Profi aus der Branche Africa from Niederlande


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Profi aus der Branche Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Über mich

Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam (AFWA) is an annual event focused on exhibiting the beauty of African couture, art and fashion to the European and global audience. AFWA is a multi-day event that includes runway shows, exhibition, fashion seminars and industry networking mixers with the sole purpose of raising awareness of the work of African fashion designers and African-inspired couture, providing multiple opportunities for showcasing their work to a broad audience. The event showcases the latest fashion trends of the emerging vibrant African art and design industry to the European audience, offering opportunities for vendor exhibitions, linking with business leaders, sponsors, local buyers, agents and media.

Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam is scheduled to take place twice a year and showcases exquisite collections by African and African-inspired designers in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe incorporating outstanding display of talent and inspiration in design. Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam (AFWA) is part of the Africa Fashion Week Franchise.

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