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Fashion Stylist London, Vereinigtes Königreich
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Über mich

Alevis Mbola is Congo/Belge designer who spent his childhood in different countries. His childhood experience made him gain knowledge and susceptibility for a global view on fashion. His inspiration comes straight from his journeys where he has discovered new styles, textures, textiles and cultures. He developed his talent as an apprentice to biggest designers of the moment.
Since, 2001 he has made a leap in London where he launched his personal collection in 2003 with a dynamic success.
Today Alevis continues to share his best experiences and visions from his travel portraying them consistently in his fashion collection. All garments reflect his exploration by colour, shape, style, texture and textiles. Each piece makes you travel with him and discover the treasures he so wisely gained and further became his inspiration. His passion, drive and ambition has now led him to be an accomplished self made designer in the world of fashion industry catering to high end clients all over the world.

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