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Profi aus der Branche Androgynous from USA


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Profi aus der Branche Los Angeles, United States
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Über mich

Androgynous, is our most current line, menswear for women. Somewhere out there in the world, there must be people like us who spend days thinking of how they can take their wardrobe and magically turn it into something like high end menswear.

I’m someone who believes that a little weirdness, and a little “craziness” can cause big changes. And I believe that something as trivial as the clothes you choose to wear can change the way society thinks about what’s “normal”…especially what society thinks about what’s right or wrong.

Many say that humans are irrational and emotional, and that we ought to become more logical and make decisions based on logical reasoning. I know there's value in logical reasoning but I believe that only through the irrational and emotional can we create art, music and find beauty. These things only exist on the emotional level. And it is on this level that we connect and bond. Logic doesn't understand art, music, beauty and love. Logic doesn't understand happiness.

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