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Profi aus der Branche Anis from Tunesien


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Profi aus der Branche Tunis, Tunisia
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Über mich


Anis LASSOUED was born in Nabeul, Tunisia in 1972. He got a bachelor degree in Film Production from the “Institute Maghrébin de Cinema” of Tunis, Tunisia. He directed a short fiction “The Puzzle” (10min) as a requirement for his graduation project in 1998. Anis is now a director of short documentary films. After getting his diploma leading to university entrance qualification, he took part in various international internships such as training in script writing and actors’ direction. He also pursued a training program in documentary, script writing and directing at the prestigious Institute FEMIS, in Paris, France. After which he directed a short documentary entitled “The Pendulum” (10 min).

He was an assistant and casting director of many Tunisian and international films.
Anis hasn’t missed the opportunity to learn and apply his deep technical knowledge to what he has been trying to produce so far. In fact, since 2003, he has started directing his own films. This was an incentive for him to become a director of well-known documentary films, among which the most important is “The Sugar Dolls of Nabel” (35min) which dealt with a typical aspect of the magic beauty of traditions in Nabel. This film was appreciated in many festivals worldwide and was greatly praised by critics. In 2005, he has also finished directing his short fiction “The Magic Crop” (18 min) which was highly appreciated in many festivals around the world and the critical national and international film.

Anis LASSOUED runs for three years in research at the University of Tor Vergata-Rome (Italy) where he had the opportunity to study and highlight some common traditions between North Africa and southern Italy. During the same year, 2005, Anis made his third documentary for the national Japanese channel NSK shot entirely in Japan and entitled, "The Balloon" (26min).

Since September 2005, he became the founder of the Association « Film enthusiasts of Nabeul » and since July 2006, the founder and the artistic director of the festival "Nabeul Nights Film Festival".

September 2007, he turned "Kairouan 1428 " (52 min) for Aljazeera documentary Channel.

In 2009, he signed his 5th documentary "A Summer in Sidi Bouzikri" (45min) produced by Aljazira Children. He acheived the filming of his new short fiction "My shoes" in mars 2009.

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