Hair und Make up-Kuenstler Jil from USA


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Hair und Make up-Kuenstler Miami, Vereinigte Staaten
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Über mich

Jill is a multimedia makeup artist specializing in TV/Film, Photo Shoots, Commercials, Runway, Corporate and Special Events.

Jill is originally from Ecuador where she took an introductory makeup class exposing her into the beauty industry. Quickly she realized this was her calling and immersed herself in modern technique combined with classical training. This path led her to the USA on a permanent basis where she continues to train and master her craft.

She specializes in creating a makeup look that reflects and enhances a person’s natural beauty. She creates the right look with a sharp pin point attention to details that can vary from project to project but always assures success. Jill truly enjoys her profession and pursues it with passion.

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