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Profi aus der Branche Marti from Spanien


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Profi aus der Branche Barcelona, Spain
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Über mich

My Name is Marti Baro Sorribas, I'm from Catalonia. I have studied Physical Education in Vic Barcelona University and have worked for the past 8 years studying different aspects of the physical education and specialise in personal Trainer for the past 5 Years in a central Gym in Barcelona, giving different aspects of training to different groups and private classes to people with different needs and requirements including Nutritions and other personal physical advise. I have worked on private and public shoots as a model including videos shoots especially with with Visual Art & Creative Director from Value Retail, Chic Outlet Shopping. Im very energetic, focused, responsible and I love to mix both my passion in Sports at all levels with the Fashion Industry, this has also brought me to work a lot of the time with other Models helping them on their short and Long term physical goals and needs.

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