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Fashion Stylist Michelle from USA


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Fashion Stylist New York, United States
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Über mich

Michelle Washington is "the" Fashion Stylist with distinct skills and knowledge - a creative fashion force and true fashion professional who has fun styling in studio and on location while doing serious work. While being clever, resourceful, creative, and seeking out the hottest styles...Michelle has vast fashion knowledge not only in New York City, but also around the globe. Catering to fashion industry clients and styling assignments needing an amazing vision and personalization that creates a unique look.
Duties (Degree in Fashion Design): Preparing wardrobe and accessories, working with designers, schedule management, booking agency models, dressing agency models, assisting in-studio & on-location shoot production, keeping wardrobe credits, effective organization, on-figure styling, off-figure styling, mannequin styling, coordinating logistics of large scale events, budgeting, invoicing, reporting expenses, sample call backs/returns, showroom appointments, assisting fashion team, editorial concepts, art direction, coordinating fashion shoots, working with Photographers, Agencies, Showrooms, Fashion Vendors, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, & Creative Directors.

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