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Profi aus der Branche ramez from Libanon


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Profi aus der Branche Beirut, Lebanon
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Über mich

My name is Ramez Basmaji
and I have been working as a fashion expert and style consultant for 24 years. My experience in the fashion industry has allowed me to work on numerous projects. I love organizing photo shoots, fashion shows, promotional campaigns for modeling agencies, and collaborating with beauty salons to assist my clients with their projects.

I was born in Lebanon. I developed a passion for fashion at an early age. I studied architecture for around 3 years, but then I came to the conclusion that this field was not something that I was passionate about. So, I decided to enter the fashion world. I began my venture because I had a keen interest fashion items like shoes, bags, bridal dresses, evening dresses, and so much more. I devise original ideas and bring them to action by setting up production, fabrication, marketing ventures, and sources for my employers to market my concept. I am known in the industry for my creativity, background, and fashion sense.

I can now handle numerous branding and styling projects at once. I specialize in promoting the works of hair stylists, fashion designers, and makeup artists in European and Middle Eastern countries. My shops are located in Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, KSA, United Arab Emirates, and I have had the pleasure of working with famous Lebanese and Arab fashion designers. I schedule projects and manage projects in order to help specific businesses accomplish their goals. Furthermore, I have superb connections with well-known photographers, fashion houses, model agencies, television channels, fashion magazines, and important figures in the industry. I am even available to offer consultations related to fashion jewelry, accessories, dresses, and can help you build your business portfolio.

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