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Profi aus der Branche Tattered from USA


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Profi aus der Branche New York, United States
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Über mich

A Glimpse of Gossamer and Tatters

Intrigued by the line where fashion meets art.
Conscious thoughts and intent meet elusive dreamscapes.

Tattered Gossamer was created to pay homage to a fascination
with the dichotomy between the tattered, worn and earthy
aspects of nature, and gossamer, haunting, dreamlike forms.

The Tattered element speaks of the effect of time on form and
the actual deterioration or decay of material. This process creates
an imprint and a remnant of history, leaving a story behind.
Gossamer is unearthly, untouched, intangible, delicate and ethereal.
It embodies the intangibility of a fleeting impression or a moment in
time. I am inspired by the space between where these elements meet
creating an ephemeral shadowed realm.

Each one-of-a kind piece is created by hand in our East Village
studio. They are all hand blocked, draped and hand sewn.
With a subtle nod to ancient ways and bygone eras; they blend
traditional materials like felt, buckram, vintage lace, wool and
silks with more organic material like rocks, banana fiber, bird
wings, metals, fossils and other found objects and curiosities that
reach back from the past and begin to tell their own narrative.

Irreverently eloquent couture and demi-couture hats and headpieces.

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