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Über mich

Born on the island of Tasmania, the southern most state of Australia to a loving family of two younger twin brothers, a mother and father. My father, a photographer since I can remember, introduced me to photography at a young age. I found photography a wonderful way of capturing the moments in life and expressing myself.

I started running around the yard with a 8mm as a child, enjoying all the clicks and whirrs buzzing from the camera, and watching through the view finder as the shutter fluttered. When I reached my early teens dad gave me a 35mm Pentax & Nikkormat s.l.r and a supply of 400 tri-x black and white. I would go on excursions round the Island, enjoying the stormy sea scapes which looked so moody with the grain of the film printed on silver gelatin. I found this very satisfying.

I did the school formal beauty shots and around this time I enrolled in several photographic courses, one based around Photoshop and black and white, the other was a course at a film school which involved the live broadcast of local bands at different venues, and film clip and skate movie production aimed at the uni crowd.

I moved to Melbourne in my early twenties with a Nikon F401x 35mm. Melbourne is a beautiful city full of character and European charm, where I found street photography one of my favorite ways of spending my days. Between shooting mates' bands and portraiture of friends I was also playing in a few bands myself recording and gigging, which was a wonderful time in my life.

After a few years in Melbourne I moved back to the island where my father bestowed upon me a Nikon D1 with its almighty 2.7 megapixels. The instantaneous magic of digital was a delight as I would gather landscapes, mountains, rain-forests, beaches and beautiful ocean skies, all the wonder of nature. Band shoots and gigs for the local music scene were always fun, and heading out to some of the local surf spots for a day of shooting made for some nice pics.

In the late 2000's I decided I would like to feel the city again, so i headed to Brisbane, enjoying surf photography with the close proximity of the Gold Coast and some of the country's more recognized surf spots. Come the fall of night, checking out the local bands and doing shoots is always a very interesting experience. The street photography in Brisbane is good. There is always a cultural event or street performers which I find makes for a good photo. Shooting on a D5100, Lumix fz35 and a 35mm Olympus Trip for the more classic look and a variety of other odds and ends, I mostly enjoy capturing people these days, with art and portraiture being my main focus. Capturing a moment of a person's life enthralls me.

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