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The First Modeling Agency, formed by an alliance of professionals to create exemplary standards for modeling business in Russia. The first - to work strictly on modeling. The first - to train and promote models at our expense. The first - Where there are no first or second ranks - there is only the best! The first - to train a model as an individual - an example for the society and consumers. The first - to enter into paid contracts with models. The first - To bear responsibility for the final results. The first - where the models do not work on presentations, parties, promotions, tastings, in escort services and all kinds of support, whether for dinner, entertaining guests at meetings, or in the nude. The first - Modeling Agency in Russia, corresponding to the world standards of professionalism! The First Modeling Agency, offers models who are professionally trained and morally prepared to work for your photo or video advertising. Models to work on the catwalk.

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  • Tipos: Professional Models and New Faces
  • Género: Female
  • Rango de edad: 15 para 20
  • Altura: 174cm / 69" para 181cm / 71"
  • Pecho: 86cm / 34" para 90cm / 35"
  • Cintura: 58cm / 23" para 62cm / 24"
  • Caderas: 87cm / 34" para 90cm / 35"
  • Ojos:
  • Countries: