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Alexander Korobov

Alexander Korobov was born in Krasnodar region, Russia, but later had moved to Moscow where he works till present time. Starting at young age he was growing his interest in photography while learning how to draw in a local Art School. He assisted his grandfather in his darkroom. From that time forward, a camera was never far from his hand. And the first one he actually started taking picture with was the legendary soviet Zenith. It took nearly 10 years for his hobby to become his profession. At the age of 17 his pictures were published as covers for the steel industry magazine, followed later by photo shoots for industry leading companies like Tatneft, TNK-BP and Polymetal. With every new successful project he was getting more recognized as a professional photographer. As of today among his clients are brands like BBDO, Mccann Erickson, Schwarzkopf, Eksmo Publishing House, Rostiks Group, Londa Professional, Maria Galland, TELE2, Alfa Bank, Rosbank, Capital Group. But not only his advertising works brought him his fame and popularity. In his portfolio you can find celebrity photo shoots and various campaigns for fashion designers like Vittorio Vigianni, Shumilo & Elagina, Marina De Golle, Natalya Vinogradova, Ludmila Mesentseva, Ekaterina Likhacheva and for design studios like Achtung!design, DirectDesign, Defa, Depo. Alexander also successfully works for wide-known magazines like Coiffure De Paris, 100% Design, Hair's How, Dolores creating for them some high level art-photography. Alexander Korobov is the official representative of the Leaf Imaging Ltd. brand for the CIS market and a member of Federation of European Photographers. Member of the Advertising Photographer's Guild www.masterphoto.ru since 2004. Finally his vision is recognized with many international awards. Freelance photographer since 2004. EDUCATION School of Visual Arts, Moscow Master of Fine Art, Artist and Photography Moscow State Open Unuversity, Moscow Bussines and Management, Master Degree In Economics Leaf Training Center, New York Intensive Training Course in Leaf Aptus and Leaf Capture V11 software THE TOOLS Digital and film: Specialty in professional medium and large format digital and film capture using Sinarback 75 LV, Leaf Aptus 65, Kodak and FUJI and ILFORD films Lighting: Broncolor Strobe System Camera: Contax 645, Sinar F2, Canon 5d Mark2 International Travel and Work Experience: World traveler of 10 countries including China, Egypt, Malta, Indonesia, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong. LECTURES & TEACHING SBF Moscow (Sinar, Broncolor, Leaf, Foba), Photo Expo Moscow (April 2008) Seminar: Digital Medium Format Photography, Lighting & Portrait SBF Moscow (Sinar, Broncolor, Leaf, Foba), Photo Expo Saint-Petersburg (October 2008) Seminar: Digital Medium Format Photography and Lighting, Lighting & Portrait Live Shoot: Portrait with Broncolor and LEAF APTUS SBF Moscow (Sinar, Broncolor, Leaf, Foba), Photo Expo Moscow (April 2009) Live Shoot: Portrait with Broncolor and LEAF APTUS HASSELBLAD, Photo Expo Saint-Petersburg (October 2009) Live Shoot: Portrait with Broncolor and HASSELBLAD H3DII-50 Seminar: Advertising Photo in Russia PHOTOACADEMY.RU, Workshop Moscow (September 2010) Seminar + Live Shoot: Studio Light on Open Air and Phase Pne P65+ CLIENT LIST BBDO, MCCANN ERICKSON, PARTIZAN, SCHWARZKOPF, KNAUF, SUBARU, MARIA GALLAND, FLEUR DE SANTE, LONDA PROFESSIONAL, AVON, SWIM & GYM, HENKEL, L’OREAL, KNIGHT FRANK, ZEWA, BEELINE, CORBINA TELECOM, ALFA BANK, ROSBANK, TELE2, MILD SEVEN, TNK-BRITISH PETROLIUM, TAT OIL, RAMBLER MEDIA, VITTORIO VIGIANNI, LUDMILA MEZENCEVA, NATALIJA VINORADOVA, MARINA de GOLLE, TEOREMA, SHUMILO & ELAGINA, CAPITAL TOUR, LANDROVER, Coiffure de Paris, HAIR’S, DOLORES, 100% Design

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