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Bacca Model Management International Co. Ltd

WELCOME TO OUR WORLD OF BEAUTY AND FASHION Bacca believes in the friendly and personal touch building close relationships with our clients and models alike. New business and new models come to Bacca by way of referral. Our reputation is far reaching.Our ethos is simple: we aim to provide the highest quality representation to our models and outstanding service to our clients. Bacca Model Management is an International modelling agency based in Russia and Bangkok, Thailand which is focused on Thai and Asian Market. Bacca Models Russia is International Mother Agency , we are working together with the best agencies around the world. BACCA MODEL MANAGEMENT is a fast growing international model agency and one-stop resource for people interested in modelling, fashion and film industry. We also assist young rising stars to reach their goal of nationwide appearances. With a strong network of partner agencies around the world our business involves mainly fashion .These young models and talents have exposure to silver screen, famous magazines covers, soap opera, TV commercial, campaigns, the biggest fashion shows of famous designers. Our specific interests are to expand the established career of the distinguished models and talents and the long-term career development of the fine young generation. Our Models work all over the world in famous and good known agencies only. We provide professional models and new faces worldwide for work, we also provide models for Direct Booking jobs overseas. Our team has a deep understanding of fashion and good relationship with clients of many leading fashion brand companies in Thailand. Experience enables us to target each model to a specific market. We look forward to further developing our network of worldwide contacts, so if you wish your models to be represented in top international modelling agency, please contact us Dear Models, We welcome applications from both experienced models and those new to the industry, our Scouts are always looking for the right people. We will come back to you within 5 days. FOR CLIENTS AND MODELS [email protected] [email protected] Дорогии Модели Мы всегда рады вашим заявкам, опытным моделям и новым лицам.Наши Cкауты и Букеры всегда открыты для подходящих нам людей.Мы свяжемся с вами в течении 5 дней.Для нас место вашего проживания не имеет значения, так как мы работаем по всему миру, нашими моделями являются девочки и мальчики со всех уголков нашей планеты! директор [email protected] заместитель директора [email protected] Мы стремимся к совершенству, к инновациям, мы создаем новые направления и меняем стереотипы. Наша цель заключается в продвижении, укреплении модели и поднятие её на высокий уровень.Mы занимаемся каждой Моделью индивидуально учитывая особенности каждой из них!

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