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I am an emerging Swiss fashion and art photographer on professional and international level with a passion for originality in art and fashion. I am self-taught and have an appreciation and clear understanding of shape, form and colour. This is natural to me. Working with light, shadow, silhouette, colour, texture, etc are all part of the creative process. Having said that, I dont always get it right, but sometimes, things that dont look right can still look good. More than anything, I am a creator. I like to create from scratch, with whats at hand, and I am comfortable with that. I have a very creative and open-minded approach, and like to experiment with primitive methods. Natural and alternative light sources are preferred. I favour a raw, gritty and contemporary look, but if you look through my work, I have no creative bias. I love to capture emotions in pictures, or to provoke a reaction in the viewer! Maybe even both I am always looking for NEW FACES to work with, but remember, GOOD LOOKS arent always MODEL LOOKS, theres a difference

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