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Excellent Model Management

Model management based in the Netherlands with a diversity of strong female models.

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  • Tipos: Professional Models and New Faces
  • Género: Female
  • Rango de edad: 15 para 20
  • Altura: 175cm / 69" para 181cm / 71"
  • Pecho: 80cm / 31" para 88cm / 35"
  • Cintura: 58cm / 23" para 62cm / 24"
  • Caderas: 87cm / 34" para 92cm / 36"
  • Ojos: Negro, Azul, Castaño, Castaño oscuro, Verde, Gris, Avellana, Azul claro, Castaño claro
  • Color de cabello: Castaño, Negro, Rubio, Castaño, Ceniza, Avellana, Oscuro, Rubio oscuro, Castaño oscuro, Avellana, Rubio claro, Castaño claro, Rubio medio, Rubio platino, Rojo, Rojo-rubio, Castaño rojizo, Canoso, Rubio fresa
  • Vestido: 34 EU, 4 US para 36 EU, 6 US

We are a model management based in the Netherlands. We represent female models with different ethical backgrounds. If you match our preferences below, get in contact with us, send an email to [email protected] of sign our form http://excellentmgmt.com/sign-up/