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TnT models

  • UbicaciónMilán, Italia
  • Teléfono+390237643276
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TNT modes was reborn in June 2010 by Jacqui Vrolyk and Nils Nistler. Jacqui was a model basing herself between New York and Milan for 10 years, then worked as a Scout and booker at Flash models. And Nils, after graduating from the University of Milan worked as a booker at Model Plus for 3 years. They created TNT as an antidote to the increasingly corporate and unfriendly modelling industry. Building on their past experiences as an international model and both of them as bookers with big agencies in Milan, TNT was crafted with a love for the industry and a devotion to intelligent and strategic career planning as well as honesty and respect towards models. TNT is built on the principle of providing truly personal management and service. The foundation of TNT is a vision and ambition for each and every one of our models.

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