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Visages Model Management

Visages Model Group was established in November 1994. Miss Evguenia Kalkandjieva is the founder and general manager of Visages Model Group. The head office employs specialists in fashion, advertising, public relations, and also bookers and a team of choreographers, scriptwriters, producers, photographers, cameramen, make up artists, stylists, etc. The main priority of Visages Model Group is the professional training of models and their reorientation in different spheres of show business after they complete their active career. "Visages Model Management" has two divisions: the first one, "Scouts" is engaged in scouting of new faces and in their professional training and tuition. The other, called "Bookers", deals with promotion and sale of all models; it organizes photo tests, promotes models for fashion shows in Bulgaria and is also in charge of the international contacts. Our international bookers investigate fashion markets and establish new contacts with fashion and advertising agencies; they care for the special instructions and training of models and their specific management on the appropriate market and in the appropriate agency. Visages Model Management employs over 300 models, like Guergana Polejanova, Stanimira Koleva, Tanya Ilieva, Tania Endjova, Assia Hristova, Vania Peicheva, Irena Miljankova, Ekaterina Trifonova, Eva Valeva, Rossy Chernogorova, Ekaterina Peneva, Madlena Kalinova, Silvia Ranguelova, Nadejda Yotova, Anna Lashova, Diana Sergieva, Kristina Nesterova and Laura Slavov that work for some of the biggest fashion agencies all over the world. We have successful professional relations with different fashion agencies in over 15 countries. In Italy we work with RICCARDO GAY, FASHION, ELITE, MAJOR, WHY NOT AND WOMEN. In France - WOMEN, CITY, NEXT, METROPOLITEN, SUCCESS and SILENT. In England - FM, PREMIER, STORM and ICM. In USA – ONE, DNA, MAJOR, ELITE, MEGA, LA models, Wilhemina , and in Spain – ELITE and VIEW. We have contacts also with YO MODELS, SATORU, ACTIVA, BRAVO, IMAGE, and VISAGES in Japan. In Korea - DOBE, in Thailand with APPLE MODELS, and FACE MODELS in Taiwan. We work with FASHION and FLASH in Turkey, with TEMPO MODELS in Austria, and with ACE, Fashion cult and D-MODELS in Greece.

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