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Artstreem seeking male and female artsy, creative models over 21 interested in starting own Art video vlog channel.

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Artstreem.com is Artists and Art events video sharing social media platform. We are seeking both male and female artsy, creative models over 21 interested in starting own Art video vlog channel on Artstreem and become globally famous Art and Art events content creators. Videos can be in any language and in any location. Proper background education, conversational talkative personality and artsy appearance and style to play effective role that can attract appropriate followers and viewers internationally required.

Your channel videos consist of any Local art event, gallery and studio visits and artist interviews, museum visits, talking with art personality and critics etc. You can promote yourself as model presenter for the Arts. As in all Channelstreem platforms, you maintain all copyrights to your videos, channel, and decide content and editorial style. This is a great opportunity to show off your talent.

There are no fees to start a video channel or use Artstreem. As an incentive for early starters, the first 60 uploader of proper video will receive 70% of net ads revenue on all Ads placed on your Artstreem channel. You must have some Art education and love Art to enjoy vlogging about it and manage meetings with Artists. Additional assistant will be provided for those serious about starting a Channel on Artstreem.

La inscripción a este casting ha sido cerrada.


OTRO Podría haber productos, prendas u otros incentivos ofrecidos en lugar del pago. First 60 uploader will get paid 70% of net ads revenue. Others will be negotiable.

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Worldwide - Americas, Europe, Asia, South Pacific.

Trabajo online u offline / colaboración If the job requires you to make your own content, it is an Online job. Shoots or projects where you need to be present, are classified as Offline jobs.


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Lunes, 20 de Abril de 2020

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