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Female model for outdoor beauty of landscape shoot over two days

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Auckland, New Zealand

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Looking for a model to accompany me on a dramatic landscape shoot. The model will form the focus of the shots to bring together beauty of nature.
This will be a shoot over a two days in the Taupo region to make use of the mountains, lake and desert road contrasts to create the images and will be a mixture of camera and drone shots/videos.
Accommodation and meals/drinks will be covered, and if model is based in Auckland then transport can also be provided as we can travel down in the same vehicle. Models from out of Auckland can apply and we can investigate options for transportation.
Model to provide own wardrobe to match the agreed styles, however through the collaboration process any additional items identified as needed will be purchased by photographer. Styles will include bikini, lingerie and light dresses.
This will be a challenging but rewarding shoot, and should also be quite a bit of of fun so looking for a model with an adventitious heart and keen to collaborate to achieve the best outcomes.
Sample images demonstrating the targeted outcomes for the shoot have been included in this casting notice

La inscripción a este casting ha sido cerrada.


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Taupo region using the dramatic backgrounds of lake, mountains and desert road.

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Martes, 23 de Junio de 2020

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