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Art Whaley

  • UbicaciónOklahoma City, Estados Unidos
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I'm a lighting designer for theatre, film and architecture - and I come at photography from that angle - I love telling stories in light. Photography is, for me, another way to make people feel things by combining the right subject with the right light. It's about showing people something they would have overlooked naturally... I'm not a fashion photographer - I'm more into catching the real beauty of a moment than carefully staging a shot to capture a traditional image. That's not to belittle those who are excellent at studio fashion work - it's an art in and of itself, but it's not my art. All of that doesn't mean I won't make you look gorgeous, or that you can't wear fancy clothes - but I will push you to do something honest while you're wearing them instead of encouraging you to adopt stock poses and copy faces out of magazines. This is a hobby for me, though sometimes it's a hobby that pays it's own expenses - and so I make sure it's fun. I'm not into pressure, not trying to get girls naked, and not trying to pretend I'm a big-shot. I know my way around the gear, and I'm pretty good at helping people relax and connect with the camera. I'm not intimidated by working with experienced models, and I'm patient and helpful when collaborating with someone who's brand new to it. If you enjoy all the creepy self-important types, I'm sure they're cluttering up your inbox as I type this. If you'd like to laugh, relax and work together to take some pictures we both find interesting and keep building your portfolio, shout at me anytime. I also DO NOT want to shoot for hustler, playboy or sports illustrated some day. Nudes and near-nudes can be beautiful and artistic when they give a more intimate view of a personality or situation, but if a photographer needs to take your clothes off to take pretty or creative pictures of you... you should really give that some thought, in my opinion. I think the best pictures happen when everyone is completely relaxed and putting all of themself into what they're doing, and the number of models that can actually get naked in front of a complete stranger and still be comfortable enough to take open and honest pictures is slim. I'm of the opinion we can take more exciting and sexier pictures fully dressed if you're comfortable and really showing yourself to the camera than if you're nervous about being naked and trying to balance on top of an elephant! And do feel free to browse more of my work at http://www.artwhaley.com

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