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Blanc Inari

  • UbicaciónBerlín, Alemania
  • Teléfono00 49 151 45 27 62 55
  • Móvil00 49 151 45 27
  • Página webBlanc Inari sitio web

INARI is a retro girly vintage and feminin brand. The lines are clean, finishes are refined, and Nordic influences are revisited by small touches of color from the South.Subtility of floral Silkscreen not to mention the small detail fuchsia pink, nestled deep in a pocket finishing, or between two lovely pleats.The fabrics are fluids such as natural cotton, corduroy, printed floral Liberty style, softness and féminity. The cuts are studied meticulously so each woman would feel comfortable in it's clothes. Passionate about the design of 20's and 50's decade, the clothes are created in mind casual, timeless, comfortable and easy to wear for a young woman and active traveler. Welcome in INARI's poetry collections.

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