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Captured By Tim

Hi!!! I'm Tim. I was born somewhere, grew up somewhere else, moved back, then away, now I'm back again. Along life's journey I took some classes, sat in on seminars, and even joined clubs where I learned about important things. As I move around between here, there, and that other place, I did some cool stuff with some very cool people. I've made a lot of friends and learned a great deal from every single one of them. On my path I became fond of taking photos and sharing the beauty of the world. It became a passion; an unquenchable thirst! I've officially been behind the lens since late 2012, when I started using a 'real camera' as opposed to my iPhone to take photos. At the urging of friends, I began offering my talent to those I knew while keeping a blog of my art. I became a member of the 'Top 10%' of the world-wide photographers forum ViewBug.com for being one of the most viewed and awarded photographers of 2013... I have no plan to slow down... Photography is my hobby and my love; It is my passion and joy. But while I dabbled with photography in college (before political bull shit called for the cancellation of the photography program) it wasn't my major; and while others tell me I should do it professionally and open a 'real' studio, my ambitions are much greater. My passion in life is helping others (I know, sweet shit right). I'm enrolled in psychology, sociology and social work degree programs (photography also if not for the darn politics) with a desire to start a transitional housing project for aged out foster care youth along with a rescue for homeless dogs. The youth will be taught about behavioral skills and will put them to use rescuing and rehabilitating homeless dogs. They will also receive everything they need at the house; a place to live, nutrition for the body and soul, and even an education in the arts. My rate differs depending on assignment and expenses so contact me about your specific project. I may, however, be interested in trading if I like your image enough to want it in my portfolio. I hope you enjoy my work. -Tim

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