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Catalin Opritescu

15 years of routine and rules in different corporations were enough to make me decide to change my life, to choose a new road. It was time to stop working like a robot and to start living. This was possible only by following my old passion: photography. Few people trusted my decision, but in least than six months, my blog's name was on everyone's lips. Lightaholic ( www.lightaholic.com ; http:// tumblr.lightaholic.com ) became a trend, a benchmark. My life completely changed. After several appearances in fashion magazines, people started asking me what they needed to wear in order to be on my streetstyle blog, the best in Romania. I always told them it was my instinct that mattered, not the price or the label. The playing was off, it all became very serious. I applied at the New York Institute of Photography, where I learned from the best. I went to Berlin Fashion Week and shot perfect catwalk photos and exclusive backstage images. In less than an year, the most popular celebrity or fashion magazines in Romania wanted my photographs in their editorials. Viva, the top celebrity magazine, hosted my pictures every month in the last year. Beau Monde Romania, Harper's Bazaar Romania, Pro Tv Magazin, Maxi Germany are only few of the other magazines that published my work. By far, the most challenging collaboration is GQ Romania, both print and online. I also photographed Penelope Cruz at Campari Calendar 2013 Launch in Milan. Fashion is my first passion, but my work is also appreciated by top designers and music bands in Romania. I am currently working with local advertisers, famous designers and artists. It's been two years since I decided to leave a safe career and take the risk to follow a dream. Although it's been the best two years of my life, I'm sure the best is yet to come.

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