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charles shephard

  • UbicaciónNueva York, Estados Unidos
  • Teléfono646.267.1302
  • Profession Groupdiseñador gráfico
  • Página webcharles shephard sitio web

“A Lifestyle Branded…” For the outside world, that phrase might not have a meaning, but to the founder & designer of Famous Nobody, Charles Shephard, it solidifies his whole outlook on how an individual views him or herself. Established and founded back in 2007 in Queens, New York, its creator set forth to manufacture a product that gave its clients a means of expression, without any sort of limitation. With his background in graphic design and flare for the imagination, Charles Shephard soon evolved his Famous Nobody Brand into a chic-but edgy t-shirt line geared towards the more fashion-conscious crowd. The question is: How do you view your own lifestyle? When it’s all said and done, everyone wants to be branded as somebody, but in this case—it actually pays to be “Nobody.”

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