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Damien Lovegrove

Available for work in:

  • Bristol, Reino Unido

I'm a photographer and writer based in Nailsea near Bristol UK and I have a smart modern studio with six staff. I am internationally known and specialise in portrait, fashion and art photography. I have a blog at www.prophotonut.com and my work can be seen here http://www.lovegrovephotography.com/about_lovegrove/ I regularly work with models to develop image style and expand my creative edge. I shoot many genre's of image but I want to make serious inroads into capturing the fashionable youth culture of Great Britain. I trained at the BBC where I worked as a cameraman and lighting director for 15 years. I now work with celebrities, models, dancers and actors creating portfolios and doccumenting lifes events. I teach lighting, camera and business skills to other photographers. http://www.lovegroveconsulting.com/ and I'm a regular comissioner of models for creative projects and training events on a paid basis.

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