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Danny Croucher

Available for work in:

  • Berlín, Alemania

Danny Croucher is an English photographer, specialising in portraiture and bodyscapes. His work, especially his emotive and psychological portraits have been described as magical realist portraiture. He fuses folkloric morphology with strong, bold close up portraits to create an atmosphere that is both grounded in reality and yet abstracted from it by employing a “dark theatre” to his subjects. His vision is achieved by employing a minimalistic, painterly approach to his photography, eschewing obvious forms of manipulation, focussing instead on applying careful and deliberate adjustments and textures to draw the viewer in to world that exists just beneath the surface of our own. He has previously lived, worked, and exhibited in London, Paris, Vienna, Philadelphia, New York, and various places in Northern Thailand and Laos. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany and is working on several exhibition and publication projects.

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