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David Schanes

Available for work in:

  • San Francisco, Estados Unidos

http://www.modelmayhem.com/1557052 "Having extensively photographed for much of his life, David Schanes presents the world with an innovative and refreshing approach to photography. Working in the auction world, I often come across photography utterly lacking in intrinsic emotion, visual aesthetics, and captivating figurations, all of which Schanes excels in with his imagery. Often playing with severe light/dark contrasts, he manipulates the eyes of the viewer in order to draw them into the composition, forcing individuals to explore further and leaving them with a tumultuous internal conflict. Much of his work maintains a seductive quality to it, forcing powerful tensions and erotic overtones into stunning displays of black and white photography. Most notable are his portraits, at once confrontational and visually engaging; these works transform dichotomies between violent passivity, terrifying beauty, and humorous sincerity into images which go beyond the creative “geniuses” of most contemporary photographers working today. Ever striving to diversify his style and photographic forms, David Schanes continues to present hypnotic photographs, teasing the viewer with each frame taken and leaving them desirous for more." -Adria Blouin

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