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Emil Stancu

Available for work in:

  • Bucarest, Rumanía

Fashion photographer since 2011, located in Bucharest, I'm passionate about fashion creation and original images. In my photography, I juggle creativity, the unexpected and glamour in order to obtain the best from my models and locations. I'm permanently on the lookout for new spots, new effects, new accessories, to create not yet seen images. I'm also interested in artistic make up, and I regularly work as MUA as well as photographer for beauty shoots, using a wide variety of materials and colors to explore new and original visions. 1. the act or process of creating 2. the fact of being created or produced 3. something that has been brought into existence or created, especially a product of human intelligence or imagination 4. the whole universe, including the world and all the things in it 5. an unusual or striking garment or hat My name is Emil Stancu. I’m a self-proclaimed artist. My passion is creating things, bringing them forth into the world—to change it, but also to change our perception of it. Whereas some seek to explain the world, to measure and document it finitely, I try to mystify it, lower its resolution, inhibit understa Emil’s style has earned him credibility as one of the most exciting and talented photographers working in beauty, art and fashion today with major personality. His unmistakable signature belies his background in design, communication, theatre and painting. His photography carries a perfect blend of sensuality with avant garde. Emil’s juxtapositions shows a mastery of the fine line between commercial success and art. Fusing hyper-real futurism with high-end beauty images, his work is defined by a marked character of hybridization of styles where come together the latest fashion trends and the most personal conceptual reflections, always providing to his images with a sensual, elegant and mysterious, even perturbing character, trying to interrelate the point of view of the traditional art spectator with the most generic public of the mass-media.

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