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Jeffrey gayle

  • UbicaciónNorth Arlington, Estados Unidos
  • Teléfono2013753551
  • Móvil7182881404
  • Página webJeffrey gayle sitio web

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  • North Arlington, Estados Unidos

I do very limited TFP shoots, my rates are very reasonable, feel free to contact me if you are interested. I do shoot mostly paid gigs, when In my studio I will be offering an inexpensive starter package for models who are just starting out and need images for there portfolio. Prices will be posted soon. Notice: The statements below are not original thoughts, I'm just paraphrasing ideals other photographers here have stated that I'm in total agreement with… to them I give thanks. *********TFCD REQUIREMENTS FOR GLAMOUR********** By no means can you be afraid of your body or to tap into your own sex appeal.  Glamour is about you as a model and the sex appeal you present and if that bothers you than you can't deliver strong glamour images.  Be ready to do up to implied nude images!  It's 2015 and implied nudity has graced the pages of every glamour magazine.  Not only that but you see many magazines that aren't considered glamour magazines who are shooting implied nude images for their covers.  It's the direction we're obviously headed in this industry. If we're shooting TF - I do not allow entourage on the set, whether it's studio or location (but I do allow a driver to drop you off, shake my hand, help you carry your bags, etc.). reasons: - If you're new to modeling, I want you to focus on the camera and what you're doing, and having your friend on the set makes that much more difficult. - If we're shooting studio, I can't be bothered trying to keep an eye on a guest and shooting at the same time! If you do your homework, and contact models I've worked with before - you'd probably realize that you don't need an entourage and we'll both get better photos out of the shoot! BOOKING CONFIRMATION Photo sessions are not booked or confirmed unless we have a real conversation by phone. It is necessary! I'm also interested in working with new models, looking to build thier portfolios as well as building long term professional relationships. I do EDIT my own work too. CONTACT INFORMATION Cell - (718)288-1404 Email - [email protected] Be prepared to show I.D. and sign a model release the day of the shoot. No exceptions. ***Rules*** 1-Models Must Arrive on Time 2-I do not Provide Wardrobe or MUA RELAX AND BE ADVENTUROUS, BASICALLY GIVE IT ALL YOU HAVE, YOU MAY LIKE THE RESULTS. IF YOUR NERVOUS ABOUT COMING ALONE PLEASE BUZZ SOME OF MY MODELS THEY WILL PUT YOU STRAIGHT AS TO WHO I AM. I'M ACTUALLY A NICE GUY (I think). Im not a "creeper" or the weirdo that does it to have a social life lol (no offense if that's you). And I do act very professional. If you have any other curiosities you know how to get a hold of me.

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