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Joe Allocco

  • UbicaciónAugsburg, Estados Unidos
  • Teléfono732-705-7570
  • Móvil732-778-7145
  • Página webJoe Allocco sitio web

Available for work in:

  • Augsburg, Estados Unidos

I'm not a photographer who "launches careers", however, I have been involved in the NJ Modeling community for the last 10 years. What I do provide, is a level of expertise for solid portfolio building, as well as networking within the industry, and being an advocate for model safety. My "niche" market has been within the retro/pinup genre, known as East Coast Pinups (www.eastcoastpinups.com) In furthering my own development, I have crossed over into the modern Alternative style of modeling as well. I am currently exploring more mainstream work in the areas of glamour, fashion, beauty, swimwear and fit modeling. In providing a "safe" situation for all the models I work with, I also aid in their portfolio and marketing development strategy. Far too many models and photographers are not reaping any rewards for their hard work, and I do my best to simply point people in the right, and positive directions. The rest is up to them. I prefer to be contacted through my website to keep all communications streamlined. If you're interested in starting a path in modeling, feel free to contact me.

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