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Kofi Henry

  • UbicaciónLondres, Reino Unido
  • Teléfono07440038433
  • Móvil07440038433
  • Página webKofi Henry sitio web

Available for work in:

  • Londres, Reino Unido

Thanks for visiting my profile. My name is KOFI HENRY , and I’ve been a photographer for nearly 8 years. But I've been passionate about photography since I was a kid - I spent all my hard-earned pocket money and savings on a camera when I was only nine. Fast forward a few years, and I studied fine art, where I specialised in photography. My artistic background has a big influence on how I create my photography today. Instead of producing standard shots, I love taking time with clients to create bold or unique images that stand out and really tell their story and reflect their character. You can view my portfolio gallery online or get in touch through here or my website for any enquiries.

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