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Luc Wies

  • UbicaciónLuxemburgo, Luxemburgo
  • Teléfono+352 621 151 850
  • Móvil+352 621 151 85
  • Página webLuc Wies sitio web

Available for work in:

  • Luxemburgo, Luxemburgo

Luc Wies, photographer and artist, professional and dreamer. His photographic style is timeless refusing categorically to follow any fashion trends. "To make it in the Art World YOU have to like what you're doing in the first place, long before trying to please the masses and follow trends that won't last longer than a couple of months tops". From streetphotography over documentary, portraiture, music photography, his style is unique and diverse. "With a fashion background, I have reached a point in my career where I try to find new challenges in music photography by combining my two greatest passions which would be music and of course photography". His main inspiration comes from music and film which shows in his photos that tend to look like film stills, series of images telling a story or single images with open ends. Presenting them arranged in diptychs or triptychs could be seen as some kind of trademark of his. "To me the world is comparable to a patchwork of images waiting to be captured with my camera". This philosophy is easily discernible in the way he approaches commissioned work as well as his personal projects.

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