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Luca Donninelli

Available for work in:

  • Copenhague, Dinamarca

Luca Donninelli, was born in Jesi (AN) the 19th December 1989. His passion for photography began with a family's old analog camera. Before the advent of digital due to the high costs for him photography followed mostly the rhythm of family celebrations. Only in 2004 he bought his first compact digital camera, an old kodak that allowing him to shoot without paying much attention to rules and forms, experimenting and playing around as a child. It's only in 2012, returning to Italy after working several years abroad, while visiting the exhibition of the photographer Berengo Gardin that he feels the desire to buy his first reflex, and thus began to study by himself photography and expand its camera kit. Still continues his search for the perfect shot and is keen to stress that every photo is a static result of a moving art, photography.

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