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  • Zúrich, Suiza

Hello, I am new to the DMV area but not new to photography. Currently I am traveling quite a lot. First to Istanbul (where i will be based for the next two years). Then to Prague. From there to Berlin. In between that I will be in Boston, Minneapolis, Philly, LA, London and New york. Mostly to shoot fashion week '16 -17 and some other smaller projects with vera wang/ VS/ vogue in Copenhagen, Milan and Cannes. If I have time i will drop by Kiev for the Ukrainian fashion week as one of my good friends is showing her SS collection there. My photos have been published in vogue italia, en-vie, elle, mess, harpers bazar, bbc and Blur magazine, along with few other established print magazines. I have also shot fashion shows during Fashion week for the Globe. Runway shoots i have covered have been rather eclectic and diverse from Salvatore Ferragamo, Kate Spade, Bora Aksu, Felder Felder to Emma Berg, Samantha Rei. I have had five solo shows in Berlin, Boston, Ann Arbor, Dhaka and Copehagen respectively. I am currently doing an installation for the Smithsonian in December called "Beyond Bollywood". My goal of photographing anything is based on the notion that aesthetics is primordially and predominantly attached to perception as opposed to reality. From that view the space between perception and reality is where i want to position myself. In terms of shooting models, i follow a very specific template which stems from the general understanding that it is possible to augment reality of photography even through a simple flip and rotate shot. all you really need is the willingness to bend light and make light of the external calamities that govern our lives. I view all work as art. From that perspective I am unwilling to shoot anyone who just wants a pretty photo of themselves. There are a million ways and photographers for that. I am interested in the juxtaposition of reality and the perception of beauty in the form of human function and in the function of human form. All this may sound a tad existentialist and fodder at times, but without the clarity of purpose, all purpose lose clarity. I am mostly available for paid shoots but in certain situations if the project interests me, i might consider a TFP. I used to photograph in war zones (somalia, congo) so with that sort of experience comes the realization that levity precedes all art. So all projects, be it in the form of a vogue shoot or a Ferragamo look book, I take it with a grain of salt. I use a variety of cameras depending on the project. While I find shooting in a studio to be better suited for full frame DSLRs, i do enjoy shooting with mirror-less and old Leicas. All this is to say, every project requires a tailored camera. My facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Omigraphy If you are in any of these cities and want to do a collaboration of some sort, please let me know.

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