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Fotógrafo San Francisco, United States
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Sobre mí

Oscar De La Villa Jr., born and raised in Queens, NY, is a Headshot Photographer in Napa, CA <br /><br />

After studying psychology at Lehigh University, Oscar found himself working with his family in a niche market of the fashion industry, the formal neckwear and accessories business (meaning bow ties, ties, ascots, and cummerbunds). Seeing his products in catalogs across the country taught him the importance of keeping an eye on the fine details.
<br /><br />
Wanting to explore his other senses Oscar moved on to culinary school landing him a position after graduation at two 3-star Michelin-rated restaurants located in NYC and Napa, CA. Working as part of the dining room staff has continued to train his eye for detail while enhancing his guests' experiences.
<br /><br />
Oscar now combines his detailed nature and ability to enhance a client's experience with his new commitment to improving their marketability and personal branding. He has also aligned himself with world-reknowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley by becoming a PH2Pro protege receiving guidance from Peter and his associate photographers.<br /><br />

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